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Make the decision

Many of my clients find it hard to make a decision. They weigh up the pros and cons, look at all the options, ask for advice, draw up a plan B, go back to their first choice, keep hesitating.

I always tell them what I was taught: “Make a decision and ensure it’s a good one!”

What’s the difference, you may say? It’s your attitude that changes: when you have decided your decision is the right one, because you chose it to be so, you will do everything to ensure that it is.

Every aspect of your decision can potentially to be ‘for’ or ‘against’ changing. But you are only going to look at the positive side. You are going to confirm you made the right choice.

Try it! Make a decision with the firm intention of making it a good one. And let me know how you get on.

Take your glasses off!

“Let me take my glasses off so I can concentrate!”

I stare in surprise at the person talking to me. Then I understand. When outlines are blurred by his myopia, he is no longer distracted by his surroundings and can focus on the problem!

We experience that state when we daydream; our eyes become fixed on the distance and our surroundings merge into a blur. Out of the mist one single idea takes shape.

When I look at the watch firmly attached to my wrist or the clock on my bedside table, I see only one thing: the time!

If I try to achieve the same result looking at my smartphone, I am immediately distracted by the red bubbles showing the number of calls, emails and text messages that have arrived in my absence. I find myself replying to my messages and realise later that I still don’t know what time it is!

What about you? What symbolic glasses do you need to take off in order to really focus on something?


You’re on a football pitch but there is no goalkeeper and you score a goal every time you kick the ball. Once, twice, then the third time it starts to get boring.

A life just consisting of ‘work, home, sleep’ is rather like this GOAL without a goalkeeper. With no challenge that forces you to plot and plan, make an effort and surpass yourself.

We soon get tired of things that come to us too easily. Playing safe to be sure of winning is a lot less stimulating than playing for high stakes.

What about you? What new challenge do you think you could take on?

So talented!

I admire the talent of musicians, engineers, scientists, chefs, therapists, writers, philosophers and many others and have a tendency to feel very ordinary, even somewhat inadequate.

I would have liked to be THE specialist in something or other, THE person everyone consults about something.

Thanks to Henry Van Dyke I have put things back in perspective. “Use your own talents. It would be a very quiet forest where the only birds singing were the ones who sang best.”

So I am one of the voices filling the forest. And to continue with this metaphor, I have found my own tree and branch to sing from. So not everybody likes it? Well, it’s like your choice in music. We don’t all (fortunately) listen to the same kind or the same artist.

I also remember the Fourth Agreement: “Always do your best.” In other words, sing as well as your vocal cords and talent allow!

What about you? Is there an area where you could give a bit more to develop your talent?

I know

I know how to bring up children (especially other people’s).
I know better than any politician what needs to be done in a crisis.
And I know exactly what to do when you’re on lockdown.

That is indeed knowledge. It’s clear in my head. But it hasn’t come from experience. In fact, I know very little about bringing up children as my sole experience of this relates to two individuals only (with whom I did quite a good job, in my humble opinion).

In politics, I have in fact no experience at all, as I’ve never actually been involved in that.
And as for lockdown:
I had a fertile imagination about what it would be like but until recently no actual experience whatsoever!

This is what Morpheus said to Neo in the film Matrix:
“There’s a difference between knowing the path and walking the path.”

What about you? Which paths are you walking during this lockdown?

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Who am I ?

I am a contemporary philosopher.
I capture life’s little events in bubbles of happiness to inspire you in an amusing and optimistic way.

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