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I don’t know

30 Apr 2021

There is very little that we know in an absolute, scientific sense. Professor Stephen Hawking, although honoured for his discoveries, insisted on proving that what he had discovered was false.

When we claim that 1 plus 1 makes 2, we are only partly right. Because 1 plus 1 can make 3 thousand billion…. when we’re talking about a sperm and an egg.

By being totally certain about something, we exclude any possibility that falls outside of our field of vision and other fields of possibility.

‘Debating clubs’ make use of this idea. Two people present a subject, each holding an entrenched point of view. They then have to exchange places and arguments. These debates always turn out to be at least creative, if not quite mind-blowing.

So what if we set aside our certainties to make room for creativity and unexpected solutions?


Gundula Welti

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