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Dream BIG

22 May 2021

There are countless methods of personal development that invite us to dream big, to imagine total success, to feel it and sniff it to find out what it is actually like, what it is made of.

Our ‘benevolent’ education, on the other hand, tries to make us act reasonably.

What if we revolted against what is “reasonable” and started dreaming? Not just day-dreaming along the lines of “what if I was rich” or “what if I was different”. No, dreaming a big, beautiful dream that we create with images, words and shapes, etc.

Our brains will have time to tame our ideas so we can get used to them. And as they – our brains – are very clever, they will find all sorts of ways to do this.

Why, then, should we set ourselves a reasonable objective, when we can dream BIG? If we put all our will into it, all our enthusiasm and all our energy to bring it about, we can get there.

Would you like to think big this year?


Gundula Welti

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