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Not just an artist


At a negotiation course in a financial institution in Germany, I saw one of the participants doodling on a notepad. Pictures began to appear as I watched her out of the corner of my eye.

During the break, I asked the participant about it. It turned out that she had managed to combine her hobby with the job she got after finishing her studies. In her daily life, she is a webmaster and customer service manager. And outside work, she draws.

It all began with an order for a mural drawing for a friend’s restaurant. Then thanks to word-of-mouth, she received other orders. She didn’t end up having to choose between job security and her hobby because her employer agreed that she could go part-time.

She’s not yet 30 and was wise enough to go for “and” rather than “or” with the result that she is totally fulfilled in both careers.

What passion or hobby would you like to make room for so that your daily life would be that bit more fulfilling?

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It’s time

“Try replacing the word TIME with the word LIFE,” suggests Danièle. “I haven’t got time to have fun” then becomes “I haven’t got life to have fun!” Ha ha ha!

Or “I spend my time earning my living,” would become “I spend my life earning my living!”

Our relationship with time must look a bit odd to the inhabitants of another planet.  By spending our time scrabbling around for more time, we forget that all this time is actually our life.

So the issue is not how much time you’ve got left to live, but how much life you’re going to put into that time!

Any ideas?

A strong value

Pierre-Antoine is an ecologist to the core; carbon footprints and recycling are his favourite topics. However, a business school, and a job at Armor, a company that specialises in industrial printing doesn’t sound very ecological. At first sight, at least.

Because in fact, when you believe in something enough, you find room for it in your life. Pierre-Antoine makes the filament for 3D printing from the recycled outer shells of ski boots (for the red one), yoghurt pots (for the white one) and ballpoint pen lids (for the blue one).

And where does the business side come in? Easy! Thanks to a partnership with some talented designers, they have created a loud-speaker. I’ll explain: the user chooses the design and colour of his object via open source. Clever, isn’t it? The project was presented on 9th January at the CES (Consumer Electronics Show) in Las Vegas.

And what about you? Which of your values is strong enough to enhance your daily life?
PS: You can also participate in the adventure right here.

Coming out

One day, without making a big deal of it, a friend decided to tell us the story of how he came out. The day that he dared to talk about his sexuality with his parents.

We see him as a very fulfilled person, who is happy with his life and well-balanced. The discussion with his parents seemed to be part of his journey towards personal fulfilment.

To tell the truth, we don’t know how much time he spent going over it in his head, weighing up the pros and cons, imagining different scenarios, preparing what he was going to say and sleeping badly before he decided to come out. It could have been weeks, months or years.

Perhaps he said to himself that his parents would give him a hard time at first but in the end, to his surprise, that’s not what happened at all. He felt so good, so relieved that his parents’ reaction was only of secondary importance. He felt balanced again. And he didn’t need to hide away any more from the people that he loves the most.

When he talks about it today, it seems easy. But he couldn’t have known that beforehand.

What about you? What would you like to “come out” about, and what do you need to discuss frankly with your loved ones to help you feel balanced again?

Press here!

Someone explained to me that most buttons in a city are dummies. For example, red traffic lights. They work on automatic settings but if you give a pedestrian a button to press, she has the impression of actively participating in her wish to cross the road.

Ellen J. Langer, Professor of Psychology at Harvard University studied “The illusion of control”. She came to the conclusion that buttons reduce stress and promote well-being. They are placebo buttons.

We use surveys to ask employees for their opinion, we vote in elections, our spouse comes to us for advice. And even if what happens as a result is not what we wanted, we have the impression that we have been listened to.

Most of what we want is to be listened to. If we have this space or a forum in which to express ourselves, we have the impression of being in control.

What things do you need to express to satisfy your need to be in control?

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