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Moving abroad

My employer has offered me a job abroad!
At my age, that doesn’t happen very often, and I’m really tempted because it’s my favourite country: Italy!

The last time I moved abroad was thirty years ago when I made the huge leap from my little village in Germany to Florida. That was the right age for those kinds of adventures, or so people said.

Actually, I’m the right age again now. The children have grown up and left home. So why turn down such an opportunity, all expenses paid?

So why am I hesitating? Well, because the employer is me.
I’m questioning things that wouldn’t even occur to me if I had a salaried job in a big company. I’d jump straight on the plane.

I’d completely brush aside any doubts like “am I leaving my family in the lurch?” or “what will people say?”

If your company offers you an opportunity for a major life change, it’s easy to dump the responsibility on them. But am I ready to take on the responsibility myself?

What about you? What are you currently pondering over that would benefit from being removed from its context to make you responsible for it?

What if you knew?

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“I don’t know!” – “Okay. I see – and what would you do if you did know?”

That’s how Tony Robbins encourages his followers to surpass themselves.

It is a question that I regularly ask my own clients. And that’s when the magic happens: “Well, if I knew how to approach it, this is what I would do…” And they go on to provide a solution that is pretty much complete!

I suggest you give it a try. Every time one of your business partners, colleagues, children or your partner says “I don’t know”, ask them to take it a step further. That way, you’ll avoid doing the thinking for them and you’ll stimulate them into action.

This advice also applies to you. As soon as you can hear yourself thinking “I don’t know”, trigger your creativity by asking yourself “what if I did know?”

I look forward to hearing from you!

The house with golden windows

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A child was admiring the golden windows of a house on the opposite hill. They sparkled and seemed almost alive. He was attracted by the magic of the sight and begged his father to take him to find out the secret of that house.

One beautiful morning, the father took his child by the hand and they crossed the valley. When they reached the magical house, the windows were quite ordinary. The child was disappointed. “I really wanted to come here! It looked so special over here!” His father took him by the shoulders and looked deep into his eyes.

“My boy, this house, like lots of things, looks very attractive to us when we see it from a long way off. If you look closer you will see that you already have amazing things on your own doorstep. -Look!” and he turned his son towards their own house on the other side of the valley.

The child saw that it had golden windows.

What about you? Do you need to try out the extraordinary to realise that you are already experiencing magic times?

Proud to be different

Didier Arnoult is a specialist in hotel marketing. In his newsletter, he asks this interesting question, “Do we like to go to places that are like the ones we have already visited in other locations?”

Do we want to have the same hotel experience whether we are in Stuttgart, Prague or Istanbul? To see the same signs in all the shopping centres?

What is true for a hotel and a shopping centre is also true for businesses and people looking for a job.

Do you have a gap in your CV because you spent 2 years in Bali? That’s not a problem, it’s just a difference. Make the most of it by telling the full story: two years of total immersion in another culture that has enabled me to get rid of prejudices, learn a language and improve my ability to adapt.

What about you? What is your difference and how can you make the most of it?


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Once upon a time, I used to dream of getting my high school diploma. Later, I was envious of people who had been to university. More recently, I wished I had a PhD.

But in the end, I realised I had fashioned my own qualifications over all these years!

I have a master’s in domestic management. An advanced certificate in administration. A qualification in green spaces. A diploma in family care. A master’s in organisation and logistics. A special commendation for writing little words of wisdom…. among so many other things.

Now, at the age of 52, I consider that I have my PhD in “applied life”.

What about you? What are the qualifications you have created for yourself?

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Who am I ?

I am a contemporary philosopher.
I capture life’s little events in bubbles of happiness to inspire you in an amusing and optimistic way.

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