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Motivated or Inspired?

“I’m really motivated to write an article!”
“I’m really inspired to write an article!”

Reading these exclamations, we can feel the enthusiasm, the energy and the motivation. And I can put my fingers on my keyboard in a super motivated way to write a great article. But this great motivation falls flat on its face if I’m lacking inspiration.

According to the Larousse encyclopaedia, motivation comes from the reasons and concerns that drive us to act. But inspiration is the breath of creation that brings our efforts to life.

In other words, if I’m motivated when I sit in front of my keyboard but I’m not inspired, I won’t be able to create a Bubble of Happiness!

What about you? Are you inspired to do what you do?


The Valley of Aosta inspires me. A stunning view of the Alps which tower majestically all round it.

Narrow buildings in pretty colours, each with a wrought-iron balcony. Swiss-style cleanliness is the order of the day. The cracks in the pavement are spotless, not a single leaf, no dog poo or cigarette butts lying around.

Shops worthy of a major city and locally owned businesses share the pedestrianised street. Everything I love all within a few square metres.

So here I am, I sit in a café with a good coffee, look around, breathe in the atmosphere and take out my notebook to start writing.

What about you? What inspires you? A view of the mountains, of the sea or of a hilltop village? What do you do when you something inspires you?

-Personally, I write something for you.

Musings of a muse

Until very recently, whenever somebody mentioned the word “muse”, I immediately associated it with the following image: a scantily clad Rubenesque female form, lasciviously draped on a chaise-longue with a come-hither look. No idea where that came from, but that is what came to mind whenever I heard the word ‘muse’.


So I was a bit taken aback when one of my business partners told me with earnest enthusiasm that I was a muse for him.

What?! How dare he! Still, before busting him in the chops, I googled the actual meaning of the word. And I found out what most people already know. The definition of a muse is simply someone who inspires or who offers good advice!

I knew from feedback over the years that I am often an inspiring consultant and trainer for my clients, but being their MUSE put a new edge on things, in both the way I saw myself and how I viewed my business. I am not convinced that I’ll change the title on my business cards, but knowing that I am a muse to someone definitely inspires me to give my best.

And you? What title would inspire you to give more of your best?

My favourite character


Somebody asked me recently who my favourite character is. I immediately replied: Mary Poppins. Explaining why was a bit more difficult.

Is it because her songs are catchy? Her teaching methods amusing? The hilarious penguins? A bit of all that, but most of all I love her way of seeing every challenge and obstacle as an opportunity, as something interesting and fun.

She suggests taking a spoonful of sugar to help the medicine go down. Isn’t the bitter taste of a particular task often altered by the way it is presented or even by our own attitude?

After thinking about it, I know why Mary is my favourite character. I would like to give the world a spoonful of sugar to make it a bit sweeter!

What about you, who is your favourite character? Why are you inspired by him or her?