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Musings of a muse

08 Apr 2020

Until very recently, whenever somebody mentioned the word “muse”, I immediately associated it with the following image: a scantily clad Rubenesque female form, lasciviously draped on a chaise-longue with a come-hither look. No idea where that came from, but that is what came to mind whenever I heard the word ‘muse’.


So I was a bit taken aback when one of my business partners told me with earnest enthusiasm that I was a muse for him.

What?! How dare he! Still, before busting him in the chops, I googled the actual meaning of the word. And I found out what most people already know. The definition of a muse is simply someone who inspires or who offers good advice!

I knew from feedback over the years that I am often an inspiring consultant and trainer for my clients, but being their MUSE put a new edge on things, in both the way I saw myself and how I viewed my business. I am not convinced that I’ll change the title on my business cards, but knowing that I am a muse to someone definitely inspires me to give my best.

And you? What title would inspire you to give more of your best?


Gundula Welti

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