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Celebrating the body that carries me

My mother often used to say to my grandmother: put on your new blouse, it is just as quick to iron as the old one! I think about that when I’m getting dressed in the morning. Because I have an important choice to make: neglecting my appearance or celebrating the body that carries me around.

When I take real care over my appearance, I leave the house with a spring in my step, because I feel beautiful. The outside rubs off on the inside.

It’s like a smile. Not in a good mood? – Smile! And the inside will follow, it’s scientifically proven.

It was Oscar Wilde who said that you can never be overdressed or overeducated.

With this in mind, I invite you to celebrate the body that carries you around every day by putting on your loveliest clothes, jewellery or make-up.

So, what clothes will you get out tomorrow? How will you celebrate your body?

The recommendation

My host at the B&B in Aosta was an exceptional tourist guide. Cesare listened to what I wanted to do and then organised a customised tour for me.

Thanks to him, I went for a high-altitude hike in the mountains (which reminded me of the Way of St. James) and I found myself having lunch in a Michelin-starred restaurant in the middle of nowhere “because it’s so reasonably priced at lunchtime, you’ll see”.

I let myself be carried along by this enthusiastic local and ended up – it has to be said – with massive aches and pains and a very full stomach…but it was good to be guided by a satnav. Because you always have the choice: follow it. Or not.

What about you? What kind of satnav would you trust to take you to places?

Getting flustered

As my friends know, for a long time I was both impressed and impressionable when I met anyone who was very highly educated. At that time, I suffered from an inferiority complex, and would become confused and lose my normal spontaneity and effervescence. Not anymore. Being regularly with such people has made me realise that they were just as impressed by my emotional intelligence.

Well, when I was flying to Rome with a friend for the weekend, the man next to me on the plane was a tennis player, tall, sporty, with a large collection of tennis rackets. I don’t know much about tennis, but I got chatting to him and he turned out to be Benoît Paire. France’s second-best tennis player! Back to square one!

I was so intimidated by how friendly and nice he was that when I got off the plane, I left my case in the luggage compartment!

What I am going to do? Keep reminding myself that I am a star too – in my own unique way.

What about you? What’s your technique for not getting flustered?