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To do, to have & to be

06 Mar 2021

“What do you do?” is an acceptable and politically correct question for all circumstances.

But once we replace “to do” and “to have” with “to be”, it’s a whole different universe. Not the same ballgame at all. We are relating to others on an entirely different level. That is, if the person we are speaking to even wants to have the conversation.

To the question “Who are you?”, most people answer: “I’m a doctor, a coach, an engineer, a hairdresser or a researcher.” All the things they DO, but not what they ARE.

And yet, we are Human Beings, not Human Havings or Human Doings.

The verb “to be” is at its most powerful when unaccompanied. Like its friend “to love”. “I love you” is sufficiently powerful on its own. It is only diminished when we add something like “a lot”.

“To be” without any justification at all has the same power because all the packaging has been removed. Only the essence remains.

What about you? Who are you?


Gundula Welti

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