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The gift

19 Mar 2021

Do you like receiving gifts? Knowing that someone has thought of you? That someone has taken the trouble to wrap up the object and takes pleasure in giving it to you?

Gifts say as much about the person that gives them as the person that receives them. Often, we give what we would like to receive.

Someone who likes books tends to give them as gifts. Someone who likes giving flowers will have a bouquet hidden behind their back when they ring your doorbell. Someone who likes sweet nothings and beautifully written phrases will write you a lovely poetic note.

That someone becomes like an open book to us. They are telling you what moves them. What they have on their mind or simply what they enjoy.

Feel like pleasing someone? Simply remember what they have told you about themselves through their words, their gifts and their compliments.

Would you really like to please someone? Listen to them.


Gundula Welti

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