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Take your glasses off!

15 May 2020

“Let me take my glasses off so I can concentrate!”

I stare in surprise at the person talking to me. Then I understand. When outlines are blurred by his myopia, he is no longer distracted by his surroundings and can focus on the problem!

We experience that state when we daydream; our eyes become fixed on the distance and our surroundings merge into a blur. Out of the mist one single idea takes shape.

When I look at the watch firmly attached to my wrist or the clock on my bedside table, I see only one thing: the time!

If I try to achieve the same result looking at my smartphone, I am immediately distracted by the red bubbles showing the number of calls, emails and text messages that have arrived in my absence. I find myself replying to my messages and realise later that I still don’t know what time it is!

What about you? What symbolic glasses do you need to take off in order to really focus on something?


Gundula Welti

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