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Motivated or Inspired?

“I’m really motivated to write an article!”
“I’m really inspired to write an article!”

Reading these exclamations, we can feel the enthusiasm, the energy and the motivation. And I can put my fingers on my keyboard in a super motivated way to write a great article. But this great motivation falls flat on its face if I’m lacking inspiration.

According to the Larousse encyclopaedia, motivation comes from the reasons and concerns that drive us to act. But inspiration is the breath of creation that brings our efforts to life.

In other words, if I’m motivated when I sit in front of my keyboard but I’m not inspired, I won’t be able to create a Bubble of Happiness!

What about you? Are you inspired to do what you do?

A passion

Why are you learning Italian? That’s a good question, because nobody speaks it except in Italy. And I am almost certain never to be good enough at it to use it in my work.

So why then? Because I think it’s a beautiful language! Just hearing it, or producing a well-formulated sentence, fills me with excitement. It boosts me. It makes me smile.

There’s no point? Oh, yes, there is, I feel passionate about it! It’s a passion I can’t explain. You just feel it. It makes you feel alive. Basta!

What about you? Which passions have you abandoned because they didn’t really have a point?

This September I invite you to sign up for an art class, put on your tap-dancing shoes, plan a trip and learn this language … the point being that they all put a smile on your face and make you feel alive. It’s a good enough reason.