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A passion

04 Sep 2020

Why are you learning Italian? That’s a good question, because nobody speaks it except in Italy. And I am almost certain never to be good enough at it to use it in my work.

So why then? Because I think it’s a beautiful language! Just hearing it, or producing a well-formulated sentence, fills me with excitement. It boosts me. It makes me smile.

There’s no point? Oh, yes, there is, I feel passionate about it! It’s a passion I can’t explain. You just feel it. It makes you feel alive. Basta!

What about you? Which passions have you abandoned because they didn’t really have a point?

This September I invite you to sign up for an art class, put on your tap-dancing shoes, plan a trip and learn this language … the point being that they all put a smile on your face and make you feel alive. It’s a good enough reason.


Gundula Welti

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