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So talented!

01 May 2020

I admire the talent of musicians, engineers, scientists, chefs, therapists, writers, philosophers and many others and have a tendency to feel very ordinary, even somewhat inadequate.

I would have liked to be THE specialist in something or other, THE person everyone consults about something.

Thanks to Henry Van Dyke I have put things back in perspective. “Use your own talents. It would be a very quiet forest where the only birds singing were the ones who sang best.”

So I am one of the voices filling the forest. And to continue with this metaphor, I have found my own tree and branch to sing from. So not everybody likes it? Well, it’s like your choice in music. We don’t all (fortunately) listen to the same kind or the same artist.

I also remember the Fourth Agreement: “Always do your best.” In other words, sing as well as your vocal cords and talent allow!

What about you? Is there an area where you could give a bit more to develop your talent?


Gundula Welti

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