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13 Mar 2021

Fields of lavender stretching out before our eyes. That very specific colour somewhere between blue and violet. Rows of plants firmly anchored in the dry soil that follows the contours of the landscape. Their flowers swaying in the breeze all around. The chirping of cicadas in the background… And then there’s that smell. The instantly recognisable fragrance that tickles our nostrils and leaves an infinitesimal trace on our tongue. The sun high overhead warms the skin and makes us screw up our eyes.

Immersing ourselves into this canvas, we have used all our senses. Sight, smell, hearing, touch, taste but, most of all, we have savoured the atmosphere. Entering this landscape has produced sensations in our body. And these sensations take us on a journey and, more importantly, last beyond the present moment.

What if we called on our five senses for all the important moments in our life? They are active and ready to be used. But we are unaware of them. Every experience becomes an atmosphere – and a sensory canvas – to hang in the museum of our life.

Feel like becoming the curator of your own museum?


Gundula Welti

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