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Ask for a surprise

10 Oct 2020

The law of attraction always holds that if you want to find a parking space, you have to visualise it! Another school of thought takes this a step further: ask for a surprise!

Slightly sceptical, I arrive in Turin with this in mind. I join the end of a large queue for the cinema museum and find out that entry is free of charge that day!

I can hear you saying that it would have been free even if I hadn’t requested anything. And you’d be right. What has changed is the fact that I am open to surprises.

I invite you to connect with your inner child – the one that likes playing – and ask for surprises. I guarantee that you’ll “see” one every day, where before you didn’t notice anything. And these little celebratory moments will occur throughout the day.

Want to give it a try?


Gundula Welti

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