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The little tune

Do you remember the music in the film ‘Titanic’? It added a lot to the atmosphere of the film.
If you replaced it with ‘The Birdie Song’ the feelings evoked would certainly be very different.

So why don’t you give some thought to your tune for the summer?
You might be going on holiday, seeing your children, travelling, or just having a rest.

What will your tune be this summer? A cheerful, zen, upbeat or catchy one?
The film of your summer will take place whatever happens and whatever you do, but you it’s up to you to choose your soundtrack.

Enjoy your holiday and I look forward to seeing you in September.

Taking risks

Doctors and psychologists all agree that babies take insane risks all day long. The simple act of standing up and walking is nothing short of miraculous, given that it takes around 2,000 attempts and just as many tumbles before our little legs eventually support us.

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Attached to a climbing wall, I take in the reality of my situation: if I want to reach the next hold, I’ll have to throw myself at it. In other words, I’ll have to completely let go of the hold where I am now and launch myself towards the next one without knowing if I’ll actually be able to grab it.  Quick mental calculation: from where I’m currently clipped in, I’m likely to fall 6 feet if I miss, and my husband is an experienced belayer. I go for it, and it works. I’m ecstatic.

The calculated risk of flying through the air helps me improve my technique. But as I get older, I’m aware that I’m becoming less adventurous when it comes to risk taking. This means that I don’t progress as fast as before.

The risk of making a fool of yourself, failing, hurting yourself, of being judged  are some of the many reasons not to attempt things and to simply allow yourself to stagnate.

What risk would you like to take this summer to continue to progress?
I wish you a great summer vacation and look forward to surprising you with new bubbles in September!