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Who stole my cheese?

This book on personal development talks about rats in a maze that have to find cheese. They learn the shortest route to find it and get there quicker and quicker.

But one day their cheese is not in the usual place. Some rats continue to follow the same route in the hope that their cheese will come back.

Other rats soon realise that there’s nothing to eat there anymore and start to look elsewhere.

Our own cheese has clearly moved since last year. And our reactions are just like those of our rat colleagues.

Food served in restaurants cannot go through the Internet. So restaurant owners are taking a new route: click & collect.

I can’t do my training face-to-face. But my customers still want to make progress, so I do remote coaching.

So it’s not the maze that’s the problem but the route we take, or rather, the one we create!
Would you like to change paths?