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What is magic?

Fireworks, a flowerbed, the flight of a bird, a piece of music, a new-born baby?

We can all create moments that release the magic of a smile.

The spoon we use to make the chocolate cake that makes a child’s face light up is like a magic wand.

Our soul rejoices when it creates these magic moments. The soul is at work!

Do you allow your soul to work to create your magic?

I wish you a magical summer and look forward to reading your magical stories in September !

Count your blessings


This summer we explored the province of Quebec from top to bottom. After two weeks, I commented to the others that the weather had always been good whenever we had done anything outdoors. My husband added that we hadn’t got stuck in any traffic jams either. My son then remarked that we’d never had to queue … And so on and so on.

As if by magic, everything had gone smoothly and been completely trouble-free.

We might not even have noticed these many tiny blessings but for the American saying “Count your blessings” which we followed religiously. And thanks to that our holiday was in another league altogether. We turned an ordinary trip into something fantastic where everything magically came together.

What about you? Have you ever counted your blessings and transformed an ordinary experience into something magic?