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Turning the page

The time to resume our Sunday bubbles again is now upon us. After 11 years and 477 bubbles, I’ve decided to turn the page.

Of course, I could carry on. But my heart’s not in it anymore.

How will I be able to use my posts to encourage you to make choices that boost you, to listen to your inner voice and to see an ending as the start of a new era if I’m just following what my head’s telling me: “Go on! Keep going! You owe it to your readers.”

Maybe that’s what courage is. It would be much easier to carry on writing a post per week. But ‘courage’ contains the word ‘coeur’, the French for heart. My heart wants to do something new and make space for something else to emerge.

I wish you the same courage when it comes to letting go, making space, and listening to your heart to figure out what makes you happy and what no longer serves a purpose.

I’m touched by your loyalty and thank you from the bottom of my heart.

Yours courageously,

PS: For those of you who would like to read original posts, I encourage you to follow the blog of my friend François Maurin: https://francoismaurin.blogspot.com/

Moving on

Our roles and habits stick with us. We repeat them because we know them so well. They have carved grooves in our brain and with each repetition the groove becomes deeper.

They turn into such deep canyons that we can’t see or imagine any other neural networks.

That’s why it’s harder to leave your job after 15 years than after 15 months.

We remain right at the bottom of the canyon, deprived of light and sun, seeing nothing but the same pathway day after day. No room for creativity or doing anything on a whim.

To climb up the sides, we need training, stimulation and maybe also a team of trainers and a mental coach. If top-level sports players seek support to help them achieve their peak performance, why shouldn’t we do the same?

Would you like to leave your canyon?