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Revealing your belly

11 Jun 2020

A little video on the Internet shows a father introducing his new baby to the family dog. The dog lies straight down on his back, exposing his belly, the most fragile part of him, to show he won’t cause the new baby any harm.

When two dogs are fighting and one of them realises he’s not going to win, he behaves in the same way as a sign of capitulation and the other dog immediately moves away and stops fighting.

Most of the people I help are aware of this crucial time when you ‘reveal your belly’.

David Allen interpreted this brilliantly: “Puppies and babies are the most vulnerable creatures … and that’s exactly why you want to protect them!”

No normal person would want to harm a baby or a puppy. On the contrary, when you reveal your symbolic belly, a type of protection that is almost impenetrable is immediately established.

What about you? Which belly could you reveal so that a form of protection could be established?


Gundula Welti

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